Each splash art gives you a preview of Athor's three ferocious upcoming factions, fighting over precious spartanite shards to restore equity and fairness among their people.

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©2023 SIXEN All rights reserved.
Original illustrations :   Pylua
Creative director :       Tropik
Animator :                   Ariat (Spine 2D, Adobe After Effects)
"Drawn to glory like moths to flames 
flushing the sand below, entirely red."
"Arcane strands, woven through my hands 
amidst a crystal moutain, a knowledge-seeking domain 
yet, no need of augurs, to foresee your upset"
"Hunter and prey, chasing forth 
into nature's embrace, we're running both 
me ? into her loving arms, eerie winds 
you ? to your inevitable fall, most grim"

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