Stream design
Sakor - Le Roi Bisou
Sakor is a colorful person ! He wished for a stream identity that looks like him, his life, his passions. 
The brief was simple : a complete brand refresh. Sakor didn't stream on his personal channel for a while, and needed a fresh start. 

This pack contains a lot of assets, but we are particularly proud about the transition from the waiting screen to the live ! Sakor slowly wakes up.. streches.. and slowly walk to switch his computer on. It's a unique kind of asset that you will find on the Twitch landscape at the moment. 
We first designed the logo and the artistic direction (colours, japanese style..)
Waiting screen that you will have at the beginning of the live, with the famous transition, into the "just chatting overlay"
Ending screen, night mode: Sakor is back to bed. 
A couple of alert variations for the amazing viewers.. paying respect to the king. "OH SAMA". The sound is an original production from Ekko music & Infograpik. 

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